photo of Christine adjusting someone in a yoga classChristine teaches workshops, weekend events and longer events and retreats in various locations.


Booking is usually done via the venue, but do contact us if you can't find the information you need.


Christine will be part of the teaching faculty on Advanced Teacher Training Course with Lisa Petersen and other faculty in Dublin. The next training will begin in January 2019. For more information contact Lisa Petersen at,see her web site or see this pdf. This course is unique: twelve modules over one and a half years, open to graduates, teachers and dedicated students of Yoga. Each module has a unique emphasis and theme and is designed so it can be taken individually. For deeper, more integrated learning, we strongly advise you to consider several or all modules. This training is about relationship and how the parts of us co-operate to create a unified whole. In this philosophy, developing along on the yogic path is not a linear process, but a series of overlapping waves, each wave planting a seed enabling the next wave to take root and flourish.

Event Information:

  • Sat

    Workshop: Freeing tension in neck, shoulders & upper body

    10am-1pmBodywise, Manchester

    The shoulders, neck and upper body are often areas where we hold a good deal of tension. This is often related to tension held through the thoracic and pelvic diaphragms.

    This workshop will explore how we can begin to let go of these holding patterns by enlisting the support of the heart and lungs and understanding the interplay of the diaphragms with these organs.

    Suitable if you have at least three months experience in yoga with Christine, Padmadarshini or equivalent. This is so you have the basics already for this particular approach to Yoga.

    £40 (£35 concession)

    To book contact Christine direct mobile: 07958782043
    or contact Bodywise: email  Phone: 0161 833 2528

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