Teaching style

Christine doing yogaAs a versatile and simple practice Yoga always has something to offer. I enjoy the challenge of making the fruits of this practice accessible to everyone. My passion as a teacher is to make this practice relevant to everyday life and to help students to access simple tools they can use to find a sense of ease and freedom in their bodies.

Often it is the simplest things that reach the deepest. It is possible to experience a profound sense of support and release through returning to the constant rhythm of the breath.

Typically a class will begin with gentle floor based release work to connect to the breath and prepare all the major joints for posture work. There is a lot of repetition which builds understanding so that gradually more complex elements can be added to the practice. Postures are broken down and built back up again, in order to build the key skills that help to create smooth integrated movement. Students develop strength, stability and flexibility and learn the key principles that support clear alignment in the body, which in turn creates the potential for a vibrant, grounded and energised state of being.

Testimonial from Donna Farhi, author of “Yoga Mind, Body & Spirit”:

“Christine Howitt has a rare quality of quiet yet powerful presence. She is particularly perceptive in seeing a Yoga student’s key alignment issues and being able to skillfully facilitate new possibilities for ease of movement. Her teaching is grounded and supported by the clear refinement of her own Yoga practice.”

You can’t push a wave onto the shore any faster than the ocean brings it in-
Susan Strasberg