My first encounter with Yoga coincided with beginning a Fine Art degree at Glasgow School of Art in 1986. I studied sculpture and began to discover that drawing and creating were all about learning to see and learning to trust my perceptions and insights. These are skills I have drawn on in my teaching for the last 20 years.

Yoga similarly, is a creative process, which develops awareness and sensitivity. Working directly with the body and the breath, this practice allows us to meet ourselves as we are with compassion. Yoga allows us to re-inhabit our bodies, slow down, listen deeply and re-connect to our fundamental sense of well- being.

I initially studied within the Iyengar tradition, but eventually moved away from this approach to explore other methods of practice. Over the years I have had the good fortune to study with many outstanding teachers including Fiona Morton, John Scott, Julie Gudmestad, Judith Lasater, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and the inspirational Donna Farhi, with whom I have studied intensively for the last decade as well as regularly assisting on her teaching intensives in Europe and New Zealand.

I have also drawn inspiration from my study of Chinese medicine, primarily through Shiatsu, which has enhanced my understanding of the body as an energetic system. Over the years all these influences have been distilled and integrated into my experience and they continue to deepen and enrich my understanding of the practice of Yoga.


Testimonial 1

Christine is a world class teacher in the heart of Manchester.
 I leave every class feeling ten times better than when I walked in. (Tomas Fredreiksen)

Testimonial 2

 I was a shy and rather unconfident entrant to the yoga studio following a stroke and Christine's kind and persistent awareness and encouragement has enabled me to engage enthusiastically in a daily practice that I am sure has been an indispensable aid to my psychological and physical recovery after an acute illness.

Christine is an outstanding yoga teacher who I wholeheartedly recommend to all regardless of age, gender and state of health. She teaches from a foundation of many years of experience and practice and continues her training with one of the leading figures in yoga today. Moreover Christine's teaching emerges from a thorough understanding and experience of human anatomy, which inspires deep confidence and trust to let go into practice. (Mahasraddha)

Testimonial 3

Christine embodies a wonderful combination of tenderness, strength and beauty in movement. As a teacher, she generously shares the deep insight and understanding which she has developed through her dedication to yoga and shiatsu. I, and many other students, have flourished through her boundless attention, creativity and kindness. (Gaby Porter)

Testimonial 4

Christine's rich teaching arises from her dedication to practice, her deep knowledge of, and continuing fascination with, the workings of the human body, and her innate wisdom and compassion. This, combined with the lightness of her touch, helps her students to develop clarity and insight into their own practice. (

Anne Palmer)

Testimonial 5

Attending Christine's yoga class once a week always is the tonic I need in an otherwise busy week. Christine brings attention, insight and awareness to her teaching and a generosity to share her own learning with us, which I and fellow students really value. I've explored other yoga classes but miss the clarity of her teaching so always come back. I've developed a better understanding of my own body and capabilities over the 10 years of practicing yoga and continue learning. I feel huge respect and appreciation to have learnt the foundations of yoga from such a wise and dedicated teacher. (Gurdeep Thiara)

Testimonial 6

Thanks for such a rich, experiential class yesterday. You always give me confidence to keep combining dance knowledge/experience with yoga and to be curious.
I really enjoyed playing the edge yesterday and tottering between grounding down and flying up........
With gratitude and looking forward to your next visit. (Paula Turner - Dancer)

Testimonial 7

Christine communicates her love of Yoga by guiding each student with insight and compassion. She teaches with sensitivity and awareness, and draws on her profound knowledge of anatomy. Since attending Christine’s classes and workshops my own practice and understanding has deepened and I feel very lucky to be taught by someone with such strong values and qualities.
She is truly inspirational teacher. (Patty Kendrick

Testimonial 8

Christine brings her quiet confidence and graceful movement with the utmost integrity and inspiration to her teaching.  I particularly enjoy her thoughtful workshops which magically build from simple movements to full postures so that when I leave I feel happy, peaceful and inspired.
(Maggie Peasegood)

When one pulls on a single thing in nature, one finds it attached to the rest of the world-
John Muir